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Post  Admin on Tue Aug 30, 2011 5:40 pm

- Anyone may join in the Games as long as they have:
- been put into a district and have a twitter account
- Questions will be posted on our twitter account (hungergamesleak)
- Who ever answers the question correctly first, wins a point for their district
- The person who wins the question can either take the point for their district our send a Tracker Jacker to a district of their choice
- Tracker Jacker’s deduct one point from said district
- Each game includes 5 rounds of 7 questions
- Rounds will be set on random days and may not be consistent (example: Round 1 may be on Monday, Round 2 may be on Tuesday but Round 3 may be on Friday)
- Round 5 is like the quarter quell so there will always be some interesting twist for round 5

- Which ever district with the most points at the end of all 5 rounds will win that “years” Hunger Games

How to reply to a question on twitter (example) :
Question: What District was Katniss born in?
Possible format of answer: 12 - district (insert your district)

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